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Slime Mold

An approachable presentation, done in an emoji style, showing why even when everyone is competent and collaborative, you can still get hurricane-force headwinds.

I've developed various versions of the argument in various contexts and forms over the years. The ideas started when I was studying the emergent power dynamics of Wikipedia's user community in undergrad, and were also informed by participating in web standards. I believe they are not specific to any one context, but rather emerge inherently any time there are individuals with autonomy who care deeply. Instead of ignoring these dynamics, I think it's important to acknowledge and embrace them with a sense of compassion and openness.

Gardening Platforms

A ~200 slide flip book style presentation about how to garden platforms, including the fundamental emergent power dynamics of platforms, how to evolve an existing platform to continuously improve it, and how to create a new platform from scratch.

A bespoke "knowledge garden" of interlinked cards of insights. This is where I currently spend most of my time writing. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. Here are a few tips:

@komorama on Medium

I occassionally write a longer form post on A few of my favorites:

Open source projects on GitHub

One of the ways I relax is by working on over-engineered, always-halfway-done open source projects.

  • card-web The content management system behind
  • boardgame A boardgame framework where you express your logic in Go and then it builds a progressive web app for you
  • sudoku A sudoku generator and solver that scores puzzles based on how real humans judge their difficulty
  • CASsim A simple harness for tinkering with agent based models and generating gifs of them
  • Prompt Garden A tool to allow tinkering with and remixing prompts for LLMs.
  • Code Sprouts A simple tool for creating and sharing LLM-powered bots that manage their state more explicitly and are more on rails than typical GPTs.

Podcasts / Videos

If video and audio are more your speed, here are some podcasts I've recorded.

The FLUX Collective

A collective I participate in that produces a weekly newsletter about systems thinking.

Blast from the past

Back to a previous version of this page, including a link to my Online Sudoku game as well as a few other hobby projects from 2008 or so.

Some of my favorite books

Here are some of the books I've read that have had the biggest impact on me and the way I see the world:

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I absolutely love to have conversations with people I don't (yet) know well—especially if they have experiences or perspectives that are different from mine. I also occasionally do speaking engagements and faciliate discussions. You can also proactively grab time available on without even reaching out to me first. If you're reading this and wondering, "surely he doesn't mean me. Should I reach out?", the answer is yes, you should reach out!